Product Details

Performance parameters of paper shredder:

(1) The width of the paper entrance. Because the area of ​​computer files is wider than that of ordinary office documents, usually 9X11 or 11X15, the paper to be shredded must be input perpendicular to the cut, otherwise the entire line of text may be kept intact and the data will be exposed; If the paper inlet is too thin, the paper will be folded together, reducing the number of broken sheets at a time, and easily lead to paper jams, reducing work efficiency. Therefore, the width of the paper inlet of the general paper shredder is 220-240mm, and the entrance of the dedicated computer shredder should be at least 385mm wide, which is relatively low.

(2) The amount of shredded paper The amount of shredded paper is determined according to individual needs. For example, the amount of shredded paper per day, the number of shredded sheets each time, and the throughput of the machine itself are all determining factors. Generally, the amount of shredded paper can be 5-15 pieces at a time, and the large-scale shredder can shred 20-80 pieces at a time. Of course, the more you can break at a time, the more economical it will be than the less, so it can reduce operating time, manpower and power consumption

(3) Paper shredding speed The paper shredding speed must match the amount of shredded paper. A shredder with a low amount of shredded paper but too high speed will cause the shredded paper strips to become curled, so that the paper scrap bucket containing shredded paper needs to be replaced frequently, and Produce a lot of dust. Generally speaking, computer paper will be fed into the shredder automatically and continuously, and the speed should not be less than 0.5m per second, that is, 3m/min per minute.

(4) Shredded paper width According to the destruction data standard, computer-printed documents must be shredded to paper strips below 3.8mm. For highly confidential documents, a paper shredder that can be cut vertically and horizontally should be used to shred the documents at least 1.9mm wide and 15mm long to ensure the confidentiality of the data. Because it is difficult to restore the granular shredded paper, the granular shredder shreds the paper finely. The space required for handling is not large, and the shredded paper bag needs to be replaced frequently for easy handling. The width of shredded paper depends on the degree of confidentiality of the documents involved in the department and organization.

(5) Paper shredding effect: There are four shredding effects of the paper shredder: granular, shredded, fine segment, strip, tobacco; the corresponding confidentiality standards are: first, second, third, Level 4, Level 5, etc.; of course, because in addition to international standards, there is currently no official confidentiality standard issued in China, and the level standards are not unified.