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The role of the gear train:

Realize the transmission of motion and power between two shafts that are far apart

In gear transmission, when the distance between the driving shaft and the driven shaft is far, if only a pair of gears are used for transmission, the size of the gears is bound to be large. In this way, the structural size and weight of the machine are increased, materials are wasted, and the manufacturing and installation are inconvenient. If a gear train composed of two pairs of gears is used for transmission, the size of the gears can be much smaller, and the manufacturing and installation are more convenient.

The main parameters of the gearbox are transmission ratio, oil charge, net weight, input speed, output speed, operating temperature, lubrication pressure and so on. These are all aspects that need attention.

Performance characteristics of high-power gearbox

.Gear parallel shaft and right-angle shaft gearbox adopt a new design, its unique innovation lies in;

·The types of parts have decreased, while the specifications and models have increased

·Improved operational reliability and increased transmission power;

·Flanged output shaft can be provided, so that the gearbox can meet the installation requirements in a narrow space.

Noise characteristics of gears

·Using a new method of design thinking to completely improve the noise characteristics of gears through the following ways:

·Using a box structure that absorbs noise;

·Using a large tooth surface contact ratio.

Gearbox heat dissipation

.The gearbox not only has high transmission efficiency, but also has good heat dissipation performance, mainly through the following methods:

·Increase the surface area of ​​the box;

·Using large fan and new-type guide fan cover;