Smart home door lock

Smart home door lock

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Smart door lock handleproduct description

1. Refer to the smart phone for control such as IOS platform or android system platform for remote control, enter the set password to control, the door will automatically open for you.Control system

2. You wo n’t have to worry about forgetting to bring your keys or losing your keys in the future. Your family can also unlock them remotely through operations.
  3. For security, the wifi smart door lock has a more complete protection mechanism. Anyone authorized to unlock, lock, and unlock can be mastered by you and your family in time.
  4 . It is widely used in the following places: banks, government departments (emphasis on safety), hotels, school dormitory, residential quarters, villas, hotels (emphasis on convenient management.

5. Smart door locks are mainly used in smart homes, precision die casting, smart lock die casting, smart hotels / hotels, smart buildings and other systems.

0010010  nbsp; Embedded development

0010010  nbsp; The intelligent door lock control scheme is an important step for the embedded development of door locks, so that wireless data conversion and wireless control can be realized on the hardware. The serial port wifi module TLN 13 UA 06 mainly used in smart door locks. It is a new generation of embedded Wi-Fi module products. The software and hardware interfaces are fully compatible with TLG 10 UA {{5 }}, Bluetooth module, Bluetooth chip, small size and low power consumption.

Bluetooth chip

The embedded wifi module adopts UART interface, built-in IEEE 802. 11 protocol stack and TCP / IP protocol stack, which can realize the conversion from user serial port to wireless network. Support serial port transparent data transmission mode, which can make traditional serial devices easily access wireless network.

There are four batteries, six batteries and eight batteries for the smart door lock.

0010010  nbsp; appearance characteristics

1. After installing the fingerprint lock, it should not affect the function of the anti-theft door. There is no obvious hidden danger to the lock.

2 Stability is the most important indicator of the fingerprint lock. It generally takes more than one year of actual use before it will slowly stabilize and finalize. Consumers are better off choosing a manufacturer that mainly produces fingerprint locks. Such enterprises generally have better production experience. R & D experience is the best stable factor.

3 The versatility should be applicable to most domestic anti-theft doors (in line with the 2008 version of the national standard for anti-theft doors), with a small amount of modification. The installation time of a good fingerprint lock should be no more than 30 minutes. Otherwise, it is generally difficult for users to complete the installation and maintenance by themselves. The versatility is well designed, which can also effectively reduce dealer inventory.

4 The operations of adding, deleting, etc. should be very simple, and users do not need to remember too many passwords and codes. The high-performance fingerprint lock is also equipped with a video display system, which is convenient for users to operate.

5, manufacturer brand If you ask me which brand of fingerprint lock to choose, I can only say that the best customer service is selected, this is the key to choosing a fingerprint lock. Only if the manufacturer's production quality is guaranteed can the user's peace of mind be used; only if the manufacturer's after-sales guarantee is it possible that someone can solve it in time when there is a problem (the product is not bad, everyone should not think that what they buy is impossible Bad); Only if the manufacturer's quality and after-sales are guaranteed can the user be prevented from opening the door and being locked out.


0010010  nbsp; [1] 00 1 00 1 0 nbsp; 00 1 00 1 0 nbsp; select the lock function, one On the one hand, it is to meet your own needs, on the other hand, it is also on the quality of the selection lock. A good company will often have fingerprint locks of at least more than 5, high, medium and low for users to choose. Users generally choose to use their own products: some are used for entrance doors, which are divided into metal doors and wooden doors, and there are indoor doors for users, common to wooden doors, and also used for villa doors and so on. The basic functions commonly used are:

1), which can be opened by fingerprints for multiple people (a family or office often has more than one or two people), the product quality should be stable, and the performance is good;

2), you can open the door with permission (it is impossible for the head of the household to have the same door management authority as the nanny and cleaning tools);

3), you can freely increase or decrease the fingerprint of the door (the nanny can easily remove her fingerprint after leaving the job);

4), it is best to have a query record function (you can view the door-opening record at any time, sometimes it can become key evidence, generally need to bring a display);

5), appropriate password function (after all, the fingerprint part is the electronic part may be damaged, the householder can use the password to open the door under temporary circumstances), try not to choose products that highlight the password function when choosing, after all Passwords are not as secure as fingerprints. There are usually two types of 4 key and 12 key. Do not use passwords to open doors as much as possible in daily life, which can effectively avoid being stolen;

6), must be equipped with a mechanical key, this is a backup door opening method, like the aircraft and car have automatic control status, but still retain the manual control part, this is a safety consideration; any electronic Some parts have the possibility of error. The mechanical part is relatively more stable. The mechanical key that retains the lock is used as a spare door opening method at home. It can open the door in time and facilitate maintenance when there is a problem with the electronic part of the door lock. Imagine if a fire broke out in your house, or if the thief damaged the electronic part of your door because you did n’t pry the lock? lock. In fact, the most important thing for using a fingerprint lock is not to improve the security, but to enjoy the convenience of the fingerprint lock. If the security of the fingerprint lock needs to be strengthened, the fingerprint lock can be connected to the smart home system. At present, some fingerprint lock manufacturers reserve a development port for the fingerprint lock. In a smart home, only a simple development of the fingerprint lock is required to monitor the status of the fingerprint lock in real time, thereby improving the security of the fingerprint lock;

7), choose a good lock cylinder. The quality of the mechanical key cylinder is directly related to the tamper resistance and stability of your door. This part is also very important. No matter how good the fingerprint lock is, it is still inseparable from the lock core part. Under normal circumstances, strong fingerprint lock manufacturers will choose high-end lock core, so that product quality can be guaranteed. The most obvious is that consumers can take a look at the number of keys and the number of shades. Choose as many products as possible for the number of marbles and the number of shades. The number of powers of the bullets in the depth file is the key volume of the mechanical key. The larger the key volume, the better the security. National standards generally require at least A-level locks, and good fingerprint lock manufacturers are generally equipped with super-B-level mechanical keys;

8), other fancy functions are best not. Basically it is not practical, one more function and one possibility of damage. After the product is broken, you will not repair it. If you repair it, the maintenance staff will charge you a repair fee (the door is not free)  0010010  nbsp; [

The development of smart door locks allows users and the media to obtain consistent praise

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