• Surface treatment

    Surface treatmentFrom mold development to surface treatment, the company completes itselfContact Now

  • Handle painted champagne

    Handle painted champagneSmart door lock die casting product introduction Smart door lock, as an entry-level product for smart homes, has also become a key entry forContact Now

  • Electroplating knob

    Electroplating knobNew technology: break through the traditional powder metallurgy technology, adopt alloy one-time forming technology, fully automatic integraContact Now

  • Panel paint copper color

    Panel paint copper colorJieaosi Die Casting has been engaged in die casting customization for 11 years. It is a die-casting manufacturer specializing in precision dContact Now

  • Handle painted copper color

    Handle painted copper colorThe company has more than 20 die-casting machines of 88T-800T, imported CNC machining center, fully automatic production equipment and a numContact Now

  • Zinc alloy wheels

    Zinc alloy wheelsAluminum has high thermal conductivity, while steel has low thermal conductivity, so under the same conditions, the heat dissipation performContact Now

  • Zinc alloy handle

    Zinc alloy handleFrom mold development to die-casting CNC plating surface treatment are all done by the company itself, so that the customer's quality is guaContact Now