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Jieaosi teaches you how to choose alloy gear die casting factory
- 2019-04-08-

Although there are many die-casting mold factories in the industry, and many manufacturers are able to understand various casting molds, it is recommended that you do not choose a manufacturer when choosing a mold, but you should choose the following manufacturers as much as possible. The manufacturer guarantees reliability with excellent mold quality:

From the perspective of excellent quality and perfect mold manufacturers, it is recommended that you choose a large die-casting mold factory to buy molds, because large manufacturers are relatively more formal, stronger in all aspects, and better conditions. Better and safer mold quality.

It is recommended that you choose a well-knownAlloy gearDie-casting mold factory, this is mainly considering that there are usually only good manufacturers, because the products and services provided are very good, won the trust and support of a large number of users, will have a higher visibility, that is to say, high-profile manufacturers are relatively It is more reliable.

Cost-effective products: When you buy molds, you must pay attention to the products and prices of the die-casting mold factory, try to choose high-quality products, but give preferential prices to manufacturers to trade, so that we can better protect their economic interests
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1. Bruise

Features: The scratches on the casting surface caused by impact.

Cause: Unintentional bumps during gate removal, cleaning, calibration and handling. 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp;

Remedy: Be careful when cleaning castings. Store and transport castings. They should not be stacked or bumped against each other. Special storage and transport boxes are used.

Second, deformation

Features: The overall deformation of the casting's geometric shape does not meet the design requirements.


1. Poor structural design of castings, causing uneven shrinkage.

2. The mold is opened too early and the casting is not rigid enough.

3 The casting slope is too small.

4. Improper handling of castings.

5, improper placement of the putter.

Exclusion measures:

1 Improve the casting structure to make the wall thickness uniform.

2. The zinc-aluminum alloy die-casting factory should determine the better mold opening time and strengthen the rigidity of the casting.

3, enlarge the casting slope.

4. Care should be taken when handling castings.

5. Castings should be stacked in a dedicated box, and the gate removal method should be appropriate.

6, some deformed castings can be eliminated by shaping.

3. The chemical composition does not meet

Features: After chemical analysis, casting alloy elements do not meet the requirements or there are too many impurities.

Cause: 1, the ingredients are incorrect. 2, raw materials and recycled materials are put into use without analysis.

Exclusion measures: 1, the charge should be used after chemical analysis. 2 The furnace materials should be strictly managed, and the new and old materials should be used in a certain proportion. 3, strictly abide by the smelting process. 4. Smelting tools should be painted.

Fourth, the mechanical properties do not meet the requirements
Features: The mechanical strength and elongation of casting alloys are lower than the required standards.


1 The chemical composition of the alloy does not meet the standard.

2, there are pores, shrinkage holes, slag inclusions, etc. inside the casting.

3, the sample processing method is not equal.

4 The casting structure is unreasonable, which restricts the casting to meet the standard.

5, improper smelting process.

Exclusion measures:

1. The melting of ingredients should strictly control the chemical composition and impurity content.

2, strictly abide by the smelting process.

3 Make samples according to the requirements, and periodically conduct technological tests on castings during production.

4. Strictly control the melting temperature and pouring temperature of the alloy, and try to eliminate various factors that form the oxide of the alloy.

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