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Benefits of precision die casting
- 2019-04-08-

Both die casting and machining can produce high-quality parts, and it makes more sense to use one process than another. Benefits of die casting-ultra-low-cost mass production
-Provides a smoother surface-Allows the benefits of thinner walls and tight tolerances CNC machining-Automation, high speed and high efficiency
-Predictable delivery dates-Excellent repeatability and part consistency

usePrecision die castingSince the custom mold must be created, the initial cost may be higher. However, if you plan to run 10, 000 or more parts, the initial cost will be paid by yourself, because the motor bracket can produce parts accurately and efficiently. If you need to run less than 10, 000 pieces, CNC machining may be very suitable for your project. If you need tens of thousands or even millions of pieces, the motor end cover processing is also a good choice, and it needs each part to be accurate and with little change.

If you are not sure which process is more suitable for your needs, please contact our processing and die casting experts immediately. We are happy to advise you on your project and provide solutions to ensure that your company's tool costs remain within budget and parts arrive on time.

Improve efficiency and output
1. The foam model used for infiltration of small household accessories die castings is mechanical foaming. While ensuring the quality of the model, the production speed is also quite rapid.
2. The infiltration process of the intelligent lock die casting simplifies the tedious steps of the traditional process, such as molding the core, which is not only laborious and inefficient.
3 The aluminum alloy die castings are infiltrated into one box with multiple injections, and multiple boxes can be poured at the same time until the metal solution is used up.
save costs
1 、 The mold used for aluminum alloy die casting infiltration can be used for life, with almost no loss, reducing or eliminating the mold cost.
2. The infiltration of aluminum alloy die castings abandons the traditional core-forming process, which saves labor and reduces manufacturing costs.
3 Infiltration of aluminum alloy die-casting parts has gradually developed from a casting industry that uses many male workers to many female workers, and the labor force has been greatly reduced in all links, and the cost has been reduced in disguise from the wages of workers.
4 The sand used for impregnation of aluminum alloy die castings can be recycled, with a loss of 2%-5%.