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What are the ways to increase the life of the motor bracket mold
- 2019-04-08-

Mold performance and mold maintenance efficiency are two distinct goals that are closely related to today's mold repair shops. Since partially suspended in the cavity, mold performance has been a problem. But maintenance efficiency-the method used to repair the mold-has fallen behind the overall task of producing plastic parts. Listed as:Small home appliances accessories, Household appliances die-casting, etc.

The maintenance efficiency of coffee machine hardware has always been about ensuring that mold production is ready, not how to achieve it. If a mold shop supervisor has more molds sitting on the red mark (work required) instead of pulling it every week, is his store effective? maybe not. Will anyone notice? maybe not. So, if the mold is ready when needed, why is maintenance efficiency important?

Injection molding: causes of warpage
Today, everything in the plastics manufacturing industry has gone through a cost-effective review. From the beginning of part design to mold design, mold manufacturing, and then production, each step must pass through the assembly. But maintenance is usually ignored and left to the craftsman equipment behind the workbench.

The rule is to make every effort to return the mold to the press and keep it running. In doing so, everything else is forgiven. But in today's fiercely competitive market, companies are beginning to pay close attention to strategies used to meet mold performance or production goals. Budgetary factors, such as excessive tool use, unplanned downtime due to maintenance-related issues, and excessive tool-room man-hours due to manifold flashes, tool damage, water leaks, and substandard products, are no longer just considered as The cost of business. " "

Mold owners and company bean counters are now paying close attention to mold maintenance. The common store problems we deal with every day are the costs associated with them, so it can be measured by people based on mold repair costs. So be prepared. From then on, we must pay attention to how we maintain the mold.