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What is the main purpose of the small appliance accessories die-casting factory?
- 2019-04-08-

Responsible for operating and managing metal or plastic forming, core making or casting machines to mold or cast metal or thermoplastic parts or products.

main duty:
Operating metal and plastic molding andHousehold appliances die castingCasting machine.
Molds and casting metal or thermoplastic parts coffee machine hardware accessories.
Design and develop new molds, molding processes, technologies, processes
Improve and reduce costs.
Develop and record manufacturing instructions and data sheets.
Operate compression or injection molding machines.
Mix catalyst and color pigments.
Operate mixer hardware accessories.
Repair and maintain the machine.
Cut off excess material.
Grind the debris into powder.
Read the specifications to determine the settings and specified temperature and time settings.
Pour the product into the mold.
Remove the cured product from the mold.
Check the product surface defects and defects.
Ensure compliance with specifications.
Position and fix the assembled mold and mold assembly.
Place the mold in the machine.
The coating died together with the release agent.
Eliminate the production of defective parts and products.
Weigh the compound and pour the compound into the mold.
Fill the machine hopper.
Adjust the molding temperature, volume, pressure and time.
Activate the machine injection mold.
Connect the cable.