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Internet era, the pace of the era of smart lock die castings
- 2019-04-08-

Smart lock andSmart home door lock handleIt's actually taking off-the appeal of life without keys is starting to resonate with homeowners. But unlike other aspects of connecting homes, smart locks have more considerations than you originally thought.

Let's start with the backup, home appliance hardware accessories. This is a common problem in our reviews. Most smart locks can use the key to prevent the battery of the mobile phone from running out, and some use the key system like Yale. For existing companies like Jios, if you insist on using lock accessories, it means a key.

Now that it has begun, the important consideration is whether the device is compatible with your lock? The company behind these products knows this, so take some time to make sure it fits your lock if it is a deadlock conversion setting.

Smart lock: assembled
Before you start, it is also worth checking if your door is really closed completely, there is a problem with the old house, which may cause problems. Also keep in mind that smart locks come in different shapes and sizes-in some cases like Nuki this means that not all locks are suitable between the lock and the handle, in other cases you may want to consider how to use the appearance lock or The keyboard will fit the look of your home.

You might think this is a large-scale installation, but most of the smart locks we have tried are self-installed with a screwdriver and spare 15 minutes. However, although each lock is different, some installations are smoother than others. A slightly unstable installation may make the built-in locking motor struggle with traction, and we have let professional fitters scratch their heads to fight some locks.

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Then, if you rent a house or a house, it is better to check with the landlord. We have found that some landlords are more likely than smart locks to allow smart doorbells to be installed.