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Which zinc die-casting factory in Dongguan is looking for?
- 2020-05-07-

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; many customers are currently choosingZinc alloy intelligent securityDie-casting manufacturers often consider many factors, and all suppliers who want to cooperate with themselves have many advantages, such as fast delivery and quality can be guaranteed. Let's introduce Jieaosi Die Casting Factory as an example!

(1) The production service of integrated services brings customers more than a little convenience, does not require outgoing, effectively saves intermediate costs and speeds up delivery. Quality is also guaranteed.

(2) The scale is large, and the personnel and machinery are fully equipped. 2 More than 0 die casting machines 2 start production in 4 hours, plus automated equipment to cooperate with production, monthly output Up to 2 million.

(3) The free door-to-door delivery and thoughtful after-sales service of the driver not only speed up the delivery period but also ensure the product quality.

(4) Each process department will have a dedicated quality inspection personnel to carry out the full inspection of the products in stages, to ensure that the products from each process to the next process are up to the standard, Jie Aosi can be very good Control product quality.

(5) Arrange one-to-one one-to-one follow-up service for the project to monitor the quality status in real time List and give solutions.

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