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Let's see how this die-casting factory thinks about the blistering of zinc alloy die castings
- 2020-06-02-

Jieaosi zinc alloy die castings are currently widely used in household appliances hardware accessories, coffee machine hardware accessories, mixer hardware accessories, kitchen appliance die castings, smart security die castings, smart home door lock handles, household appliances die castings, smart lock die castings , Gearbox reducer, lock accessories, alloy gears, small household appliances accessories, motor end covers, motor brackets, power tool accessories, safe accessories, so the demand is also very large

Jieaosi has been engaged in the zinc alloy die-casting industry for 15 years. A relatively experienced die-casting manufacturer, if there is a blistering of zinc alloy die-casting parts, what does Jieaosi die-casting plant think and what solutions do we have? Lets come look.

The cause of foaming on the surface of zinc alloy die castings:

Cracks caused by: water, cold barrier, hot cracks.

Pores are caused by: mainly the pores and contraction mechanism. The pores are often round, and the contraction is mostly irregular.

When there are water marks, cold barrier marks, and hot cracks in the die-casting parts, the plating solution will penetrate into the cracks and be converted into steam for baking, and the top-deposited metal will form blisters.

Different surface treatments are required, and the effect of surface treatment products will be different. Different surface treatment processes have different requirements for the surface quality of the castings, and at the same time require good surface treatment performance. The common defects of zinc alloy die castings