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These factors can make high-quality zinc alloy die castings
- 2020-05-27-

The editor of the zinc alloy die-casting factory will explain to you the relevant characteristics of the manufacturing process. In the die-casting process, you must pay attention to the three elements of die-casting method, alloy characteristics, post-mold manufacturing process, and quality control. Die-casting parts must be used according to different use environments. The surface treatment method should consider the requirements of subsequent processes in the design.

1. Mold Design

Die casting mold forDie CastingThe quality impact is relatively large. If the early mold design is not reasonable, the quality of zinc alloy die castings will be greatly affected in the production process.

2. Die casting production

In the die-casting production process, each process must strictly follow the operating instructions. The post-processing process, grinding, polishing, mechanical processing, spraying, electroplating, etc., pay attention to all aspects to avoid some unnecessary quality problems.

3. Quality Control

Quality is controlled. Quality control is also very important in the production of aluminum alloy die castings. If every production link is strictly controlled and adjusted in time, then the quality of the subsequent production can be guaranteed!

ActuallyZinc alloy die castingIn the process of product design and die-casting production, if you understand the principle of die-casting production and some basic knowledge of product mold design, then it will be easy to handle in the process of product drawing design. If you really don’t understand, you can also find a design company to help you design the product. drawing. Because the die-casting factory does not include the product drawing design, if you have samples here, and you want to find a die-casting factory to help you solve it in one step, JieAusi Die-casting can help you complete it at a speed. Jieaosi Die Casting has focused on the die-casting industry for 11 years and has rich experience in die-casting technology. From product mold design to product shipment, one-stop production, to help you solve die-casting customized services in all aspects!