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Full inspection process of die-casting smart door lock
- 2020-05-25-

Aluminum die casting plantIt is a relatively common die-casting manufacturer in the die-casting industry. Die-casting is an efficient production process that is formed at one time. It is suitable for the production of many metal parts. As a mass production process, die-casting has a higher starting cost, that is, minimum order quantity requirements. , After all, the large number of mechanical equipment used by JieAusi die-casting processing technology to assist in the processing of aluminum alloy die-casting parts, in order to ensure the yield of aluminum alloy die-casting parts, often conduct a full inspection before shipment, so this full inspection What will be checked?

In fact, the aluminum alloy die-casting factory will inspect the product many times during the production process, but the number of inspections depends on the manufacturer’s quality control standards. As the aluminum alloy die-casting factory’s inspection before shipment, the full inspection process It is necessary to inspect the appearance quality of each die-casting part, check for trachoma, color difference, dimensional deviation, poor actual matching, and poor surface treatment, because aluminum alloy die-casting plants will also perform die-casting before surface treatment Some inspections, so the main thing is to check the quality of the surface treatment, check whether the die castings have blisters, water accumulation, color difference, pitting, deformation, gravure and other appearance defects.

Die casting manufacturers carry out die castingSmart door lock processingThe whole process flow is roughly the same. They start with mold design and production, and then use die casting machine for trial production. After the trial production is qualified, the customer signs a sample approval letter, and then mass production. What comes out is only the rough part, which is close to the finished product after sand removal, tapping, de-fronting, and polishing. It is just to improve the performance and aesthetics of the die casting. Sandblasting, oil spraying, baking varnish, etc. can obtain different effects. After the surface treatment is completed, the packaging is fully inspected. Generally, after the full inspection, the die castings will be packaged separately in bubble bags to prevent the die castings from being transported. Appearance damage occurred during the process.