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Tell everyone several factors that can affect the quality of aluminum alloy die casting
- 2020-06-08-

The machining accuracy of aluminum alloy die castings is a very important factor. Almost all high-end products have higher precision requirements. Improving the machining accuracy of aluminum alloy die castings is very helpful to increase its value. Therefore, many die casting manufacturers are in Efforts to improve their processing accuracy, in industrial production, manufacturing process is an important and common production process, then,Die casting processingThere are three major factors that affect the quality of processing. Which three major factors include what?

1. Process operation process: A reasonable process operation process regulates the production quality of die castings to a certain extent. As long as the production quality is guaranteed, the quality of die castings will also be improved.

2. The quality of die casting raw materials: Inferior materials will cause various external and internal defects in die castings, and in severe cases, the die castings will be scrapped. Therefore, inferior raw materials should be avoided when choosing raw materials for die castings.

3. Reasonable casting process: Choose different processing technology according to different alloy materials, alloy characteristics, die casting structure, die casting weight, etc. to ensure the production quality of die castings, in addition to determining the shape of die castings according to the characteristics of alloy materials In addition to processes such as, size, etc., the rationality of the design should also be considered from the perspective of casting process characteristics.

Aluminum alloy die castingFrom before production to after production, the product will be affected by various factors and cause the quality of die castings to be damaged. In order to prevent the occurrence of undesirable phenomena, it is necessary to check the quality.