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Introduction to the full inspection process of Dongguan Zinc Alloy Die Casting Plant
- 2020-06-06-

The editor of Jie Aosi has also been rooted in the die-casting industry for nearly five years, and has a good knowledge of the entire inspection process of zinc alloy die-casting parts. In the production process of zinc alloy die-casting parts, although it is said that high-quality products are produced and not detected, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the quality of each die-casting product. Full inspection is necessary. Today, Dongguan Zinc Alloy Die-casting Factory -The editor of Jieaosi Die Casting will introduce to you the full inspection process of die casting production!

The complete inspection process of zinc alloy die-casting production includes complete inspection of incoming materials, complete inspection of blanks, and complete inspection of surface treatment. Only by selecting good materials can the product quality be ensured. At the same time, the complete inspection of blanks is an operation for each die casting production process. Whether the standard is in place, whether the product standard is strictly performed, and the surface treatment full inspection is to ensure that the products given to the customer are good products and are products that meet customer needs, to ensure that customers can smoothly assemble on the line, thereby helping customers improve production efficiency !

In fact, the zinc alloy die-casting plant will inspect the product many times during the production process, but the number of specific inspections depends on the manufacturer’s quality control standards. As the final inspection of the zinc alloy die-casting plant before shipment, full inspection The process needs to inspect the appearance quality of each die casting, check for trachoma, color difference, dimensional deviation, poor matching, and poor surface treatment, because the zinc alloy die casting plant will also check the die casting before surface treatment Some inspections are carried out, so the main thing is to check the quality of the surface treatment, check whether the die castings have blisters, water accumulation, color difference, pitting, deformation, gravure and other appearance defects.