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What are the steps for a die for zinc alloy die casting?
- 2020-06-05-

At present, many die casting factories make their own aluminum alloy die casting molds, such asJieaosi Die Casting Factory, The company has more than 20 die-casting machines from 88T-800T, imported CNC machining centers, fully automatic production equipment, and a number of post-processing supporting equipment, etc., from mold development to electroplating, spraying and surface treatment are all completed by the company. The production of the mold is not done overnight. It is divided into several parts. Next, let Jie Aosi Die Casting introduce us. What are the steps to make a qualified aluminum alloy die casting mold?

The die-casting molds produced by the die-casting factory are all steps for customers who want to customize die-casting parts

1. Aluminum die-casting molds need to be made according to the 3D drawings of the product provided by the customer.

2. The first thing to do is to analyze the customer's product drawings, required processes, etc., and design the design drawing of the aluminum alloy die-casting mold.

3. Then perform computer simulation filling, modify and determine the design drawing according to the filling effect; then calculate the production cost and quote to the customer, if the customer agrees, then start to make the die-casting mold; the finished aluminum alloy die-casting mold needs to be inspected and quantity Compare actual data with drawings.

4. Then conduct a mold trial. Jieaux compares the samples from the trial mold according to the customer's drawings. If there is no problem, it will send the customer to confirm. After the confirmation is completed, it can be officially put into production and establish an identity file for the mold.

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