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Never imagined that this small problem could affect aluminum alloy die casting
- 2020-06-02-

Many people know that the composition of aluminum alloy can affect the quality of aluminum alloy die casting, but do you know that there is zinc in aluminum alloy? Do you know what role aluminum will play in zinc alloy die casting? Let's take a look at what problems this small problem can affect aluminum alloy die casting! Aluminum in zinc alloy can play two roles:

(1) Improve the casting performance of aluminum alloy, increase the fluidity of the alloy, refine the grains, cause solid solution strengthening, and improve the mechanical properties.

(2) Reduce the ability of aluminum to react to iron and reduce the erosion of iron materials such as gooseneck, mold, and crucible. Aluminum alloy die casting can be so popular, the role of aluminum can be said to be indispensable.

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