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The design of aluminum alloy die-casting mold is so important!
- 2020-06-09-

Aluminum alloy die-casting parts must have aluminum alloy die-casting molds in the production process. Aluminum alloy die-casting molds are one of the three major elements of die-casting production. A mold with a correct and reasonable structure is a prerequisite for the smooth progress of die-casting production. The quality of parts plays an important role. The mold design of JieAusi aluminum alloy die-casting mold is extremely important in the production, because if the mold design is reasonable, there will be fewer problems encountered in actual production, and the pass rate of aluminum alloy die-casting parts is high. On the contrary, if the mold design is unreasonable, the aluminum alloy die castings will not be able to be produced normally, because the aluminum alloy die castings will always stick to the fixed mold. The long-life mold can provide long-term benefits for the die-casting work. The extension of the mold life is not only related to Material issues are also related to design points and maintenance. So what are the key points of mold design and maintenance methods?

Choose mold materials according to different focuses:

The production requirements and process characteristics are different, so the selected mold materials are also different.

The rationality of mold structure design:

In order to consider the safety and quality of production, the structure of the mold should be reasonable, simple and reliable. A reasonable mold structure can effectively extend the life of the mold and promote the smooth production of die casting.

Mold maintenance:

Maintenance is the key to prolonging the life of the mold. Regularly oiling, cleaning, and cleaning the mold, regular maintenance of the mold can not only extend the life of the mold, but also find the potential problems of the mold, and then deal with and repair it in time.

Only by doing these points, you can guarantee the life of your molds. Jieaosi Precision Die Casting has been engaged in the customization of die-casting parts for 11 years. It is a professional die-casting manufacturer integrating precision die-casting zinc alloy, aluminum alloy die-casting and machined products. Its strength cannot be underestimated. , You can independently complete a complete set of die-casting processing customization procedures. If necessary, you can contact Jie Aosi Die Casting Factory, or click on-line consultation to solve your doubts immediately.