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Inventory of common deburring methods for various zinc alloy die castings
- 2020-06-08-

Zinc alloy die castings are very common in daily life. As the production process of zinc alloy die casting is becoming more and more mature, the technical strength is getting stronger and stronger, and there are more and more methods for deburring zinc alloy die castings. Traditional aluminum die castings Burr method: The traditional deburring method for aluminum die castings is manually using files, knives and other hand tools to remove burrs. This method consumes a long time, has low production efficiency, and requires high precision. Therefore, manual deburring cannot meet the requirements of use. . In addition, the burrs on the outer periphery of the casting can also be removed when removing the riser with a stamping die, but this method cannot remove the burrs on the internal structure and details. LookJieaosi Die Casting FactoryWhich methods are used to remove burrs

1. Manual deburring: This is also a commonly used method for general zinc alloy die castings, using files, sandpaper, grinding heads, etc. as auxiliary tools. The file has manual file and pneumatic displacement. Suitable for products with small burrs and simple product structure.

2. Die deburring: The Dongguan Die Casting Plant uses a punching die and a punch to deburr the zinc alloy die castings. It is suitable for products with simple parting surface, and the efficiency and deburring effect are better than manual.

3. Grinding and deburring: This type of deburring includes vibration, sandblasting, rollers, etc., and there is a problem that the removal is not very clean. It may require subsequent manual treatment of residual burrs or other methods of deburring. Suitable for small products with larger batches.

4. Frozen deburring: Use cooling to make the burr brittle quickly, and then spray the projectile to remove the burr. Suitable for products with small burr wall thickness and small products. There are many deburring methods for zinc alloy die-casting parts, and the ones recommended by Yiwu Die-casting Factory are relatively common. However, the deburring effect of various products using corresponding methods will be better!

5. Thermal explosion deburring: also called thermal deburring and explosion deburring. By passing some flammable gases into an equipment furnace, and then through the action of some media and conditions, the gas instantly explodes, and the energy generated by the explosion is used to dissolve and remove burrs. The equipment is expensive (prices of millions of dollars), and the operating technology High requirements, low efficiency, and side effects (rust, deformation) are mainly used in some high-precision parts and components, such as precision parts such as automotive and aerospace.

6. Deburring of the engraving machine; the price of the equipment is not very expensive (tens of thousands), and it is suitable for simple space structure, and the required deburring position is simple and regular.

7. Chemical deburring: Use the principle of electrochemical reaction to automatically and selectively complete the deburring of parts made of metal materials. Suitable for internal burrs that are difficult to remove, suitable for small burrs on pump bodies, valve bodies and other products (thickness less than 7 threads)

8. Electrolytic deburring: An electrolytic machining method that uses electrolysis to remove burrs on metal parts. The electrolyte is corrosive, and the parts near the burrs are also subjected to electrolysis. The surface will lose its original luster and even affect the dimensional accuracy. After deburring, the workpiece should be cleaned and anti-rust treatment.

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