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Causes of sand and blisters in zinc alloy die castings
- 2020-06-10-

In the process of die-casting production, we often see sand inclusions and blisters in zinc alloy die castings, which affect the appearance of die castings and reduce the yield of zinc alloy die castings. Many zinc alloy die casting plants have a headache for this. Think Die Casting Technology Department, to share with you the reasons for sand inclusions and blisters in zinc alloy die castings:

Let's first analyze the causes of sand inclusions and blisters in zinc alloy die castings

(1) The sand inside the sand mold is not clean, and there is residual gravel.

(2) During the pouring process, it is caused by the molten iron scouring the sand on the runner wall.

Some zinc alloy die-casting manufacturers use paint to prevent it, and the results are better, but there will still be sand and sand holes in zinc alloy die-casting parts.

1. It is because it is hard and difficult to paint the gate.

2. In the pouring process, the pouring temperature is high and the scouring is large, and the coating is easy to fall off under the scouring and high temperature soaking. Cause sand holes. Many casting factories have not paid much attention to runners. Ignore the erosion of the sprue wall during the pouring process. As a result, sand inclusions and blisters occur in zinc alloy die castings.

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