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What should employees pay attention to during the zinc alloy die casting process?
- 2020-06-10-

The development of zinc alloy die casting plants has been very good. This is because the development of zinc aluminum alloy die casting has led to an increasing demand for zinc alloy die castings, and the zinc alloy die casting process has become more mature, so zinc alloy The more high-quality zinc alloy die-casting parts that can be produced by die-casting plants, the wider the industry that can cooperate. However, zinc alloy die-casting plants also need to pay attention to more problems in their daily production. ,

Zinc alloy die castingThe problem of demoulding when

The thickness of the zinc alloy die-casting wall is too large to affect the filling.

In the structure, try to avoid the appearance of the structure that leads to the complex structure of the mold, and have to use multiple core pulling or spiral core pulling

The structure of zinc alloy die castings. Some die castings may have special requirements for their appearance, such as oil injection, oxidation, silk screen and other processes

Because of the zinc alloy die-casting mold problem when designing, if there are multiple core-pulling positions, try to put them on both sides, and it is better not to put the core-pulling in the lower position. This will cause problems when aluminum alloy die-casting takes a long time.

Zinc Alloy Die Casting PlantEveryone should understand that there is no trivial matter in production. The production of zinc alloy die-casting products may seem simple, but in fact every link is interlocking. Zinc alloy die-casting plants want to improve the quality of their products, not just every link. In place of management and control, it is more necessary to strengthen the quality awareness and technical level of every Jie Aosi operator, and to provide them with professional knowledge training from time to time, so that every operator can participate in the safe production of high-quality die-casting parts. In the process, to ensure the excellent quality of die castings.

From mold development to surface treatment, the company completes it by itself, so that customer quality is guaranteed and cost is advantageous. Parts can be sold alone or assembled into finished products, giving customers diversified choices.

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