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What is the purpose of electroplating on the surface of Dongguan zinc alloy die casting products?
- 2020-06-09-

Zinc alloy die casting is a general term for a class of parts made by zinc alloy die casting process. This type of die casting has the characteristics of high strength, good hardness, smooth surface, and good mechanical properties at room temperature. It is usually dazzling in appearance and complex in structure. Thin-walled precision parts are a major pillar of the die-casting industry and are used in many fields.

Purpose of electroplating: In addition to requiring beauty, electroplating has different purposes according to various electroplating needs.

(1) Gold plating: Improve conductive contact impedance and enhance signal transmission.

(2) Copper plating: used as a primer to improve the adhesion of the plating layer and the ability to resist corrosion.

(3) Palladium nickel plating: Improve conductive contact resistance, enhance signal transmission, and have better wear resistance than gold.

(4) Tin-lead plating: to improve soldering ability and soon be replaced by other substitutes (because of lead, most of them are now plated with bright tin and matte tin).

(5) Nickel plating: used for primer or appearance to improve corrosion resistance and wear resistance. (Meanwhile, chemical nickel is the wear resistance of modern technology and surpasses chrome plating)

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