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What are the differences between aluminum die casting and aluminum alloy die casting?
- 2020-06-11-

Aluminum alloy die castingIt is a process of metal smelting and processing, usually using the gravity of the metal to cast in a mold. But&"aluminum die-casting GG" is not done by gravity, but a certain amount of pressure is applied. Somewhat similar to&"Injection GG". But it has a high-tech core pulling and cooling system. In general, the material is sent to the cavity to be cast&"Note GG" through a centralized entrance to form parts. The following Jieaosi Die Casting Technology Department will introduce to you what are the differences between aluminum die casting and aluminum alloy die casting:

Aluminum alloy die-casting has better performance and many advantages. Aluminum alloy has a low melting point, a small solidification temperature range, easy filling and forming, and a small shrinkage tendency. It can die-cast precision parts with complex shapes and thin walls. The casting surface is smooth and dimensional accuracy. High; low pouring temperature, long service life of the mold, not easy to stick to the mold, and does not corrode the mold, and the normal temperature mechanical properties of the zinc alloy are also high, especially the compression resistance and wear resistance are very good. Zinc alloy is much better, with good die-casting performance, electrical and thermal conductivity, and cutting performance. Aluminum alloy die castings can well accept various surface treatments, such as electroplating, spraying, painting, etc.

Jie OsiThere are more than 20 die-casting machines from 88T-800T, imported CNC machining centers, fully automatic production equipment, and a number of post-processing supporting equipment, etc., from mold development to electroplating and spraying surface treatment are completed by our company. A complete set can be completed independently For the custom process of die casting processing, if necessary, you can contact Jie Aosi Die Casting Factory, or click on the online consultation to solve your doubts immediately.

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