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Cause analysis and solution of sand inclusion in zinc alloy die castings
- 2020-06-11-

Zinc alloy die-casting is welcomed by everyone because of its good die-casting performance and mechanical properties. This process has high production efficiency, good quality of die-casting parts, and a wide range of applications. However, it has a lot of technical content. In the process of die-casting production, we often see sand inclusions and blisters in zinc alloy die-casting parts, which affect the appearance of die-casting parts and reduce the yield of zinc-alloy die-casting parts. Many zinc alloy die-casting plants have a headache for this. Die Casting Technology Department, to share with you our cause analysis and solutions for zinc alloy die castings:

The reasons are analyzed, and the solutions to the causes of sand inclusions and trachoma are analyzed:

1. Improve the yield of zinc alloy die castings, improve the quality of zinc alloy die castings, and reduce the total cost of zinc alloy die castings.

2. Using cast gate pottery tube, this product is easy to use, has the characteristics of smooth circulation, resistance to molten iron, molten steel erosion, non-absorbing molten steel, good sawability, etc., which can simplify the modeling process and eliminate the difficult work of coating the inner side of the gate , And improve the layout of the gating system to avoid the defects of sand washing, sand holes and sand addition of zinc alloy die castings. It plays a great role in improving the quality and yield of zinc alloy die-casting parts, especially in various self-hardening casting models, the characteristics are more prominent.

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