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How to polish and polish household appliances zinc alloy die castings?
- 2020-06-23-

There are a number of older die-casting plants in Dongguan die-casting plants. These die-casting plants are very rich in experience. Due to the large number of die-casting plants in Dongguan, this is because during the period of reform and opening up, this is a group of die-casting plants established earlier. One of the cities has a good technical and personnel foundation in the die-casting industry, plus convenient transportation, so a large number of die-casting plants have emerged here. The competition is greater, so they are also developing rapidly in technology. At present, the problems that can affect the development of the zinc alloy die-casting industry are the single product and low technical content, because there are still a large number of small-scale zinc alloy die-casting plants in the market. They have few die-casting equipment and lack of technical talents, so they can only produce a single, low-tech and low-cost product. This situation directly affects the healthy development of the industry. We all know that die-casting has the characteristics of high pressure and high speed. We have already talked about high pressure. , Now let these veteran die-casting factories tell us about the "polishing and polishing incident"

First of all, the melting point of this die-casting technology is relatively low, and it is easy to die-cast the device; the technical performance is relatively mature, and it can die-cast a variety of die-casting parts; the die-casting technology can also treat the surface of the casting; under this technology, melting And die casting will not cause damage to the mold

The zinc alloy die-casting technology we know is used in the molding process, which can cast the die-casting parts perfectly. However, this technique has both disadvantages and advantages. Incorrect understanding and use of this technology will cause certain harm. However, some waste materials are generated for a long time, and these waste materials cannot be used again, which increases the production cost; secondly, if the waste materials are not treated in time and effectively, it will damage the environment.

When the Dongguan Die Casting Plant processes the die castings, it will polish and polish the die castings. This is because the newly produced die castings are rough, with poor surface quality, many burrs, and roughness. Such die castings If the part is used as an appearance part, it will definitely affect the quality of the product. Therefore, the Dongguan die-casting plant needs to polish and polish such die-casting parts.

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