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What are the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum die casting and aluminum alloy die casting?
- 2020-06-11-

Current castingAluminum alloy partsThere are many kinds of craftsmanship, most of which are foundry aluminum alloy and die-cast aluminum alloy. So what is the difference between the two processes? At the same time, because of their different effects on the mold, the price of the mold used in zinc alloy and aluminum alloy die-casting is generally different. Zinc alloy die-casting is not easy to stick to the mold and does not corrode the mold, so the price of the mold used in zinc alloy die-casting is also It will be cheaper, while zinc alloy die-casting is easy to stick to the mold, corrosive to the metal crucible and other reasons, the mold price required will be higher.

Zinc-aluminum alloys have their own advantages and disadvantages. Of course, when we choose materials, we mainly look at the product structure, quality requirements, uses, and the scope of advantages. We also reduce the cost to a relatively low level while ensuring the quality of the product.

(1) A release agent for pure aluminum has been developed.

(2) Use automatic spray as much as possible, otherwise the mold surface temperature is not easy to maintain (the difference is very large)

(3) The surface temperature of the mold should not exceed 220 degrees, and the smoother the flow field when the runner and the feed port are during injection, the better.

(4) Die-cast aluminum is a cast aluminum alloy, and the casting performance and mechanical properties of some alloy elements are better than pure aluminum.

(5) The cooling time after injection should not be too long, but the ejection time after mold opening has fins within 0.3sec. 6. The mold feed port is thicker than the general ADC12 feed port.

(6) To maintain the temperature of the molten soup, try to keep the temperature in the soup above 720 degrees. The temperature measuring rod is made of carbonized alloy material, and it is not easy to be corroded by aluminum soup. The crucible in the melting furnace should be made of graphite material. The temperature difference between upper and lower is too large

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