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This is about the basic criteria for large companies to purchase and choose die-casting companies
- 2020-07-09-

according toDongguan JiaosiXiaobian five years of die-casting experience, there is a need to findAluminum alloy intelligent security die castingFor purchases, you can read the following article. When some purchases choose aluminum alloy intelligent security die-casting plants, they may encounter such as imperfect matching, chaotic on-site management, unstable quality, and product batches that cannot meet the delivery time. You may also encounter many mold problems of some manufacturers, resulting in products that cannot be produced normally and delayed delivery. The customization of intelligent security die-casting parts actually seems to be a very simple process, but in fact, here is still a test of the technical strength of a die-casting company? So if you can't find a suitable aluminum alloy intelligent security die-casting factory, you might as well take a look at Dongguan Jieaosi Die Casting. Many well-known manufacturers of customers choose them to customize aluminum alloy intelligent security die-casting parts, don't miss it again! Do you know what are the basic criteria for general procurement when choosing a die-casting company to customize intelligent security die-casting parts?

Answer: The general aluminum alloy intelligent security die-casting factory must have the following basic

1. The factory has at least 8 hot chamber die-casting machines, and contains multiple automatic production equipment, and has excess capacity to accept orders.

2. Have an independent paint workshop and quality control department.

3. Clearly evaluate the quotation according to the drawings and standard format.

In fact, when buyers choose suppliers, it is very normal to shop around, but if the die-casting company wants more customers to choose you, then you must have your unique advantages. Dongguan Jieaosi Die Casting is a manufacturer specializing in the customization of high-end zinc and aluminum alloy die castings. It has a plant area of ​​15,000 square meters, a 200 die-casting production team, and an independent mold room. It produces independently from product mold design to product shipment. Can effectively ensure the stability of product quality. Moreover, Dongguan Jieaosi die-casting equipment is fully equipped, with 12 die-casting machines for 24-hour production, and the daily output can reach 20W pieces, so there is no need to worry about the delivery time when the product is mass-produced