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It can be observed whether the quality control of aluminum alloy die castings is in place
- 2020-07-08-

Die CastingThe quality of the aluminum alloy directly affects the lifeline of the development of the enterprise. If you want to produce high-quality die-casting parts, you must have a complete quality management system, so as to increase the yield of products. Aluminum die-casting plants have certain quality control management during production. It is required that in order to ensure the quality of production, all aluminum alloy die-casting plants should take the quality control management and inspection work in the production process seriously. Is the quality control and management of the aluminum alloy die-casting plant in place?

The work content of quality control in the production process:

Establish a quality management system, do a good job in the technical inspection of die-casting parts and raw materials, and formulate a maintenance system for die-casting equipment and molds to ensure the service life of die-casting equipment and molds.

Technical inspection work:

According to the inspectors, it can be divided into: professional inspection, self-inspection, according to the process can be divided into: pre-inspection, first-piece inspection, intermediate inspection and subsequent inspection, according to the nature of the inspection can be divided into: appearance inspection, physical and chemical inspection.

If there is a new project, Jieaosi Die Casting will implement every new project introduction and hold a seminar, the purpose is to avoid some quality problems during the production process, and also to cooperate and assist in time when problems are found. Solve the problem and ensure that the quality of each die-casting part can meet the customer's standard.

Dongguan Jieaosi Die Casting FactoryThere is a quality supervision department inside, and each process will arrange a special QC for full inspection, so that the product can be controlled in each process, avoiding the flow of defective products to the next production link, and effectively ensuring the quality of aluminum alloy die castings In the production process of aluminum alloy die castings, it is inevitable that they will encounter some large and small problems. This requires a strong service team to help customers solve these problems in time, so as to better improve production efficiency and ensure product quality. Dongguan Jieaosi Die Casting Factory has a strong pre-sales and after-sales service team in terms of service, providing 24-hour service hotline, and door-to-door service when necessary, so that you can work with Jieaosi more at ease