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Why are aluminum alloy die castings unwilling to accept small orders?
- 2020-07-08-

According to the influence of its structure, material, size, performance and other factors, the price of die-casting molds can be high or low, but it basically costs tens of thousands of pieces. A die-casting mold takes about 16 days from design to use on average, but this is not customized The main part of the cost of a product.

A few days ago, a lady in Shenzhen found a die-casting factory and wanted to customize a die-casting part. The die-casting factory is called Dongguan Jieaosi Die-casting. After learning the basic information from a lady, Dongguan Jieaosi Die-casting tactfully declined Ms. Liu, because Ms. Liu’s order quantity is only 1,500, a woman has repeatedly expressed her willingness to bear the start-up fee. Later, after the patient explanation of the JieAusi die-casting service staff, the woman realized that the die-casting process is a mass production process and requires A large enough order quantity can be profitable. Customizing a product requires the production of die-casting molds. The total production cycle is very long. Therefore, the order is not profitable for manufacturers. There is profit at all.

Among the many customers received by JieAusi Die-casting, many customers will consider the cost in the process of choosing aluminum alloy die-casting plants, thinking of reducing production costs to achieve high profits, thus stepping on the "pit". In order to survive, many die-casting factories use the cost of several thousand yuan for molds, and can even open molds for free to attract customers. Once the customers are imported, the molds cannot be opened and the mold problems continue to occur, resulting in the failure of production or product quality. The occurrence of standards and other issues has brought a fatal blow to the customer’s business. Therefore, the cost of molds is not as cheap as possible. For quotations with huge price differences, we need to consider comprehensively. It is impossible for some manufacturers to have a stable source of customers with a price difference of several times, and the company is still large. All of these require us. Comprehensive investigation.

The aluminum alloy die-casting mold is very important for the production of aluminum alloy die-casting parts. In particular, aluminum alloy die-casting molds have been used under high temperature, high pressure, and high-speed environments for a long time, so the quality requirements for molds are very high. Therefore, you must choose a strong and formal die-casting factory to help you realize the customization of high-quality die-casting molds. Because in JieAusi Die-casting, when many customers choose suppliers in the early stage, they did not pay special attention to some details, such as It was promised that the quality could be achieved in the early stage, but it could not be achieved in the later stage, which required a second price increase and increased product production costs.