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Answers to whether the paint will fall off after the paint treatment
- 2020-07-08-

Zinc alloy die castingIt is a very professional die-casting part, which is widely used in various manufacturing and processing industries. From our daily necessities to the manufacturing of aerospace equipment, you can see zinc alloy die castings. These zinc alloy die castings Almost all parts are treated with surface treatment, because surface treatment can effectively improve the aesthetics and performance of die castings. Dongguan Die Casting Factory Jie Aosi Die Casting has recently received a lot of customer inquiries about product opening and die casting, almost all of which require baking paint. At the same time, customers will also consider long-term use of baking paint, whether the paint will fall off, and a series of problems. In response to this problem, Jieaosi Die Casting made a response.

FollowDongguan Jieaosi Die CastingThe technical level is constantly improving, and many product surface treatment processes have also been innovated. Previously, we thought that the paint baking process of die castings would cause the paint to fall off after a long time, but now our products are not easy to fall off when the paint is baked. Previously, we would pre-treat the products in order to obtain a good coating. During the manufacturing, processing, handling, and storage of the die-casting parts, there are grease on the product, or corrosives such as ash layer, oxide scale, etc. on the surface , So we will take it out through the pre-treatment of the product, so that the product after treatment is not only anti-corrosion, but also bright and wear-resistant, and it is not easy to fall off.

For the paint baking process of die castings, you really don't need to worry too much about the problem of paint falling off, because Dongguan Jieaosi Die Casting will provide product adhesion tests according to customer requirements, such as white chrome tests, which can be quickly detected.

Dongguan Jieaosi Die Casting FactoryIt can be used not only for baking paint, but also for other surface treatments. The surface treatment often done for zinc alloy die castings is probably electroplating. Through the electroplating process, zinc alloy die castings can improve strength, hardness, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Many properties, such as resistance to thermal shock and thermal shock, will give you a beautiful appearance. The electroplating of zinc alloy die castings uses the electrolysis principle in chemistry. The die castings are used as the cathode and the metal to be plated is used as the anode. Then they are placed in the electroplating tank, and the electroplating solution is added. Direct current can be inserted into the electrolytic cell.