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Take a look at the experience of aluminum alloy communication and electronic die-casting plants on the precautions for molds
- 2020-07-09-

As one of the more commonly used die-casting processes, aluminum alloy communication electronic die castings maintain the interests of many people. In order to enhance their interests, many people are exploring how to produce better quality die castings through aluminum alloy die casting. Experiments, molds are the core tools produced by aluminum alloy die-casting plants. The quality of the molds is a key factor affecting the quality of die-casting parts. High-quality molds can produce high-quality die-casting parts. In the production process of aluminum alloy communication electronic die-casting parts, it is reasonable The use of aluminum alloy die-casting molds is very effective in improving the efficiency and quality of aluminum alloy die-casting production. So today, Dongguan Jieaosi Die Casting will give you a summary, about the general considerations when die-casting aluminum alloy communication electronic molds. !

1. Aluminum alloy die-casting molds are prone to high temperatures during the die-casting production process, so it is better to attach a cooling system, which is very helpful for the continuous use of the mold.

2. During the die-casting production process of aluminum alloy die-casting mold, the unreasonable spraying of mold release agent will also cause great damage to the production mold. Pay attention to it during the production process.

3. Unsatisfactory heat treatment of aluminum alloy die-casting molds is a common problem, mainly hardness. Generally, if the hardness is not less than HRC-47, there will be no problems.

The above three points are that we must pay attention to the use of aluminum alloy communication electronic die casting molds. Because of these points, it can effectively avoid the occurrence of some abnormal die casting mold problems, thereby improving production efficiency and product quality. If it is not paid attention to, then another problem will arise, which will affect the accuracy of the mold, and generally affect the two important points of the aluminum alloy communication electronic die-casting mold:

Function and structure of mold:

The complex mold structure requires higher technical requirements, and the manufacturing of the mold will cost more, and the required precision will be higher.

Die casting details:

The structure of die-casting parts is complex and the details are many, so the more investment is needed in production, the design of the mold is relatively complicated, and the difficulty will increase. The higher the accuracy, the life of the mold will also be affected.