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What is the relationship between aluminum alloy die casting molds and aluminum alloy die castings?
- 2020-06-10-

Technological innovation, aluminum alloy die-casting technology is also widely used, but because aluminum alloy die-casting requires high mold manufacturing technology, the cost of aluminum alloy die-casting is also high. In order to reduce costs and make rational use of resources, our method to reduce costs is to extend the service life of aluminum alloy die casting molds. There are many factors affecting the quality of die castings. Such as die casting machine type and quality. The geometric structure and technical requirements of die castings are fair. Die casting qualityAluminum alloy die casting, First of all, we must choose a high-quality die-casting mold, the structure of the mold and the technical level of the operators are equal. Let's discuss the relationship between aluminum alloy die-casting mold and the quality of aluminum alloy die-casting parts.

Design of Die for Aluminum Alloy Die Casting

The designer should first fully understand the user's use requirements and working conditions, and the stress of aluminum alloy die castings, and then select the appropriate material according to the use requirements and working environment. Understand the die casting performance of its material. When designing, pay special attention to keeping the structure of die castings as simple as possible while meeting the requirements of use. Otherwise, it will cause unnecessary troubles for mold design, mold processing, process conditions formulation and management. It will cause a lot of different products.

Aluminum alloy mold structure, machining accuracy and selection of mold materials

Aluminum alloy die-casting parts are die-casted by molds. There is no doubt that mold design, processing, and selection of mold materials are closely related to product quality. In addition, mold materials, mold processing accuracy, surface roughness, processing traces, small cracks in heat treatment, nitride layer thickness, and improper assembly of aluminum alloy die-casting molds will affect product quality and mold life. No matter what measures are taken from the process. It is also difficult to qualify the product.

Aluminum alloy die castingThe relationship between part quality and aluminum alloy die casting mold

Aluminum alloy die-casting molds are the main tools for aluminum alloy die-casting parts. Therefore, when designing aluminum alloy die-casting molds, attention should be paid to the overall structure of the mold and the structure of the mold parts. It is easy to manufacture, easy to use, safe and reliable. Make sure that the mold is not deformed during die casting. The molten metal moves steadily in the mold, can uniformly cool the casting, and can automatically die-cast without failure. In addition, appropriate aluminum alloy die-casting mold materials should be selected reasonably according to production batches and material conditions.

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