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What are the benefits of automated production in the nearby die-casting workshop?
- 2020-09-04-

More and more manufacturing enterprises are facing a new round of transformation and the advancement of intelligent industries. When looking for a die-casting plant, many customers will investigate the comprehensive strength of the aluminum alloy die-casting plant to confirm whether it is appropriate. But some customers like to choose a nearby automated production die-casting plant, so why?

1. It can greatly reduce the risk factor of artificial production.

2. Improve the company's overall image and attract more customers.

3. Reduce the occurrence of mechanical failures in the production process of the product, thereby improving production efficiency.

4. Further improve the degree of automation, save manpower, reduce production costs, improve production efficiency, and ensure the stability of product mass production.

5. Choose a nearby die-casting plant to reduce intermediate transportation costs; at the same time, choose a nearby die-casting plant, quality control can be tracked at any time, and the delivery time will be more secure!

6. Choose a nearby die-casting plant: you can control the product in real time, and you can communicate with the customer on-site in time and solve the problem quickly when you encounter any problems during the mass production of the product;

7. Improve product quality. For example, for more complicated die-casting mold spraying work, ordinary manipulators cannot accurately spray the mold core-pulling position, and robots can do the job, and can improve product quality and consistency.

There are still many advantages to choosing a nearby die-casting plant. If you have not found a suitable manufacturer to cooperate, you may wish to take a look at Jie Aosi Die Casting, focusing on the zinc-aluminum alloy die-casting industry for 12 years. Jie Aosi has one-stop production from mold design to surface treatment. , Can directly help customers reduce costs, at the same time the product quality is controllable, and the delivery time is guaranteed!