Zinc alloy household appliances

Zinc alloy household appliances

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In the future, household appliances should fully embody the concepts of intelligence, safety, multi-function, energy saving and environmental protection. They can not only bring people enjoyment, but also be easy to manipulate and use easily.

(1) Intelligence is the key. Intelligence is the primary feature of future household appliances. The design and use of household appliances will make more use of high technology to improve the&``smart GG'' function, especially the use of advanced electronic computer technology, to encourage people to develop their own thinking in the process of use, and also Relax yourself better.

(2) Safety is more important. Safety is another feature of future household appliances. Automatic induction technology will be more widely used in future household appliances. Six functions of household appliances:

1. Security

Household appliances are widely used, and users do not necessarily have electrical knowledge, so their safety performance is very important, requiring electrical appliances to not cause personal injury accidents in the event of mechanical or electrical failure.

2. Practical

Practicability is the basic feature of household appliances. The product should have basic functions, reasonable structure and convenient operation, so that users can use it correctly without special skills.

3. Reliable

Reliability is a comprehensive index reflecting the quality of household appliances. China Lianbao suggested that the mean time between failures is a major indicator of the reliability of household appliances. The production process of the product needs to implement strict total quality management to ensure the consistency and stability of product quality.

4. Novelty

Household appliances have the characteristics of beautifying the family, so they should be decorative. The product shape and appearance must not only have a distinctive contemporary character, reflect the scientific and technological level of a certain period and people's aesthetic aspirations, but also reflect the scientific structure of the structure, the rationality of the selection of materials and the advanced nature of the craft.