Main body lower cover

Main body lower cover

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The life cycle of the aluminum alloy cover industry. By studying the market growth rate, demand growth rate, product variety, number of competitors, entry barriers and exit barriers, technological changes, and user purchase behavior of the aluminum alloy cover industry, the development stage of the industry is judged

In the process of assembling the cover on the existing product main body, for the way that the cover needs to be clamped in the opening of the product main body, there is usually a problem that the main body opening of the product is difficult to open, resulting in difficulty in clamping the cover.

In order to improve assembly efficiency, a variety of assembly jigs have been produced, but the assembly jigs currently on the market have simple structures and low processing accuracy. In the process of assembling the product cover on the product main body, the side wall of the product main body opening is fixed to improve the accuracy of assembly.