Aluminum power tools

Aluminum power tools

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Aluminum alloy die castings have been continuously developing for a long time. China's aluminum alloy die casting industry has achieved amazing development and has developed into a new industry. At present, the process has become one of the more widely used processes in the aluminum alloy forming process of household appliances. Some high-quality aluminum alloy products with high performance, high precision and high toughness are mainly used for smart door locks, alloy gears, zinc alloy die-casting, aluminum alloy die-casting, motor gear boxes, household appliances, communication electronics, smart security, power tools, Office supplies, etc., aluminum alloy has a wide application range, good castability, high dimensional accuracy of castings, surface roughness, good casting stability, productivity, high metal utilization, easy to save production, high casting strength and surface hardness, the following is aluminum Five characteristics of alloy die castings.

1. Durability

Aluminum has strong stability and oxidation resistance, aluminum alloy castings will not rust and corrosion; the surface adopts electrostatic powder spraying and fluorocarbon coatings, and the various large indoor and outdoor decorative products manufactured can maintain long-term color retention.

2. Plasticity

Aluminum has good ductility and is convenient for various shapes and designs. It has toughness, can be used repeatedly, and has a wider application range.

Three, security

After various rigorous tests, the aluminum products' resistance to earthquakes, wind pressure and weathering are guaranteed. The unique aluminum alloy casting method makes the work weight lighter, reduces the burden in the handling and construction operations, and reduces the risk.

Fourth, creativity

The pattern is specially designed by professional designers, leading the world trend. According to the owner's preference, the decoration can be designed separately to create the exclusive privilege of the home.

Five, light weight

Aluminum is light in weight, making installation and maintenance more convenient.