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What are the lock accessories?
- 2020-02-21-

As the saying goes, sparrows are small but full of internal organs. A small lock is also composed of different types of accessories. Only when these accessories are working properly can the entire lock function. So, what are the common lock accessories?

1 Lock cylinder

One of the accessories also directly affects the security of the anti-theft door is the use of door locks, in the professional we call the three-piece set of anti-theft door accessories, which includes the lock core, lock body, and door handle It is better to use zinc alloy to make it. This material feels smoother, and its wear resistance and corrosion resistance are very good. The service life is longer and it is not easy to be damaged by repeated insertion and extraction.

2, lock body

Basic family purchases like this can basically meet the safety of the family. The width of the lock body must be up to 241 mm in the standard requirements. The design of the lock body generally chooses the big tongue Lock, this kind of lock body can not adjust the direction, so it is safer in daily life, and the price of accessories for this kind of anti-theft door in the market will be relatively high.

3, door handle

The door handle is an indispensable accessory for the door lock. The current door handle is usually made of aluminum alloy materials, while the previous door handles are mostly made of iron. In addition to being practical, the door handle is also pretty decorative, and can be made into various shapes according to different decoration styles.

4, magnetic alarm

This accessory is not available in all locks, but only locks that use magnetic devices, such as electronically controlled locks. They are usually installed on anti-theft doors to prevent theft.