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Teach you how to pay attention to zinc aluminum alloy die castings
- 2019-05-22-

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Household hardware die castingIt has some incomparable advantages of castings, such as beauty, light weight, corrosion resistance and other advantages, which make it widely favored by users, especially since automobile lightweighting, aluminum alloy die casting is widely used in the automotive industry. However, during the process of adopting intelligent security die castings, some problems that often occur in die casting will occur, such as vortex holes will also hinder the quality of die castings. How does the aluminum alloy die-casting factory solve the vortex hole?
What is a vortex hole: the small holes inside the casting or the large holes at the confluence of the alloy liquid can be seen during mechanical overtime.
Causes of vortex holes:
1. The direction of the alloy liquid into the cavity is not correct. The cavity wall or core is washed away, and eddy current is generated, which encloses the air
2, the injection speed is too fast, and gas is caught in the pouring opening;
3, the gate is too thin, the speed of the alloy liquid is too high, and the phenomenon of spraying and splashing occurs, which blocks the exhaust groove prematurely;
4 The position of the exhaust groove of the mold is not correct, or the outlet cross section is too small, which makes the exhaust capacity of the mold poor and the air cushion of the cavity has a large back pressure;
5, the cavity in the mold is too deep, and the exhaust slot is improper or too few;
6. The gap between the punch and the pressure chamber is too small. When the punch returns too quickly, a vacuum is formed, and the alloy liquid that has not been condensed is drawn back to form pores;
7, the capacity of the pressure chamber is large and the amount of alloy liquid poured is too small
Ways to solve vortex holes:
1 Change the direction or position of the alloy liquid injected into the cavity, so that the alloy liquid first enters the deep part of the cavity or the wide part of the bottom layer, and press the air of the cavity of the part into the exhaust groove. Before the cavity is filled, the exhaust groove cannot be blocked;
2, adjust the injection speed and fast pressure position, and shorten the second speed distance as much as possible under the premise of being full;
3. The aluminum alloy die-casting plant should increase the thickness of the inlet gate under the condition of ensuring that there is no splash, spray and can fill the cavity;
4 Strengthen the exhaust capacity of the cavity:
(1) The location of the exhaust slot should be considered not to be blocked by the alloy liquid that entered first;
(2) Add an overflow groove, pay attention to the connection between the overflow groove and the work piece should not be too thick, otherwise it will be blocked prematurely and the surrounding air holes will be generated;
(3) The inlaid block structure is adopted, and the parting surface is designed as a zigzag parting surface to solve the problem of difficult exhaust;
(4) Increase the cross-sectional area of ​​the rear end of the exhaust groove, the general front end thickness is 0.05-0. 2 mm, the rear end can be thickened to 0. 4 mm.
5. According to the heating and exhaust conditions of various parts of the casting, spray the paint appropriately, blow up the water after spraying, and avoid the water and dry the mold
6, expand the gap between the punch and the pressure chamber to about 0. 1 mm, and appropriately extend the pressure holding time;
7, increase the position of the lower punch of the vertical die casting machine, or increase the amount of alloy liquid injected in the too bad room.
Will the die-casting technicians of the aluminum alloy die-casting plant encounter various problems?
First of all, we have to find the problem first, and then discuss and study the solution, so that we can guarantee the quality of die castings. Aluminum alloy castings have many advantages, making it the development direction of the casting industry and purchasing casting products that customers favor One, with the advancement of aluminum alloy casting technology in the future, it will show its own style on a larger stage.
At the same time, he should also pay attention to use
1, clean the parting surface, clean the cavity, clean the plunger; improve the coating, improve the spraying process; increase the clamping force and increase the amount of poured metal. These measures can be implemented by simple operation.

2, adjust process parameters, injection force, injection speed, filling time, mold opening time, pouring temperature, mold temperature, etc.

3 Refueling, select high-quality aluminum alloy ingots, change the ratio of new materials to recycled materials, and improve the smelting process.

4, modify the mold, modify the pouring system, increase the inner gate, add overflow groove, exhaust groove, etc.

1. There are several reasons for the deformation:

1. The structural design of die-casting parts is not perfect, caused by uneven shrinkage

2 、 The temperature of the die-casting mold is high, the hardness of the mold itself is not enough, and the cooling time is not enough

3, unreasonable mold setting position, deflection

4, die-casting parts have sticky mold

5, the temperature difference between different parts of the cavity is very large, and the cooling implementation is uneven

Second, the solution:

1, improve the structure of the workpiece, increase the thickness of the inner wall of the mold

2, increase cooling time, reduce mold temperature

3, position adjustment of the mold, ejection to ensure balance

4, remove the sticky mold

5 The temperature of the die casting mold is reasonably controlled to ensure that the overall temperature of the cavity is almost balanced

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