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Share (Dongguan) Zinc alloy die casting electroplating bubble solution
- 2020-05-14-

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Dongguan Jieaosi die-casting factory often makes zinc alloy die-casting products for household use Electrical hardware fittings, mixer hardware fittings, kitchen appliance die castings, intelligent security die castings, coffee machine hardware fittings, intelligent lock die castings, gear box reducers, lock fittings, alloy gears, small home appliance accessories, motor end covers, motor brackets, Power tool accessories, safe accessories, as well as some household products and relatively hot household appliances die-casting parts, etc. These are common and often done by us. However, after customers get the goods, they will find that some products are raised a little bit, which is very unsightly. In fact, this is actually the phenomenon of zinc alloy die-casting foaming in the professional field. Now the society has high requirements for the surface of castings. This is a bad product and will not be accepted.

Every zinc alloy die-casting factory has a responsibility to prevent such bad products from calling into the hands of customers. It is such a company that blistering on the surface of this casting will not occur under any process. Including adjusting the mold at the beginning to ensure that it is processed smoothly during the die casting process, and then polishing and electroplating surface treatment, zinc alloy die casting products are relatively prone to blistering during the plating process, so the quality of this part of the mold Very important part. There are several ways to deal with such problems.


(1) Check the purification process;

(2) Check the filtering system.

(3) Check the furnace wall cleaning process;

(4) Check gas source (release agent, mold preheating);

(6) Check the vent hole. Causes of cracks, tear cracks, and hot cracks: shrinkage cracks on the surface of the casting, the casting is pulled and cracked in the mold.

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