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Partnering with Dormakaba in 2015, the hotel lock, as well as the smart security die casting system series
- 2019-04-08-

The Kaba Group from Ramlang (Switzerland) in Zurich and the Dorma Group from Ennepetta (Germany) merged in September 2015 to form the Dorma-kaba Group. The combined group will become the world's top 3 company in the security and access programme market.


Innovation and engineering are a tradition of Aussie. To achieve its strategic goal of becoming an industry innovation, Jeos combines customer needs with technology trends to continuously develop innovative solutions that create additional benefits for customers and users.

Jeos and Dormakaba first collaborated on the Hotel Lock series.
As a supplier of Dormakaba, we provide them with some coffee machine hardware accessories such as door handles.

Hand and other household appliances die-casting accessories, from mold development to die-casting molding, by the company to complete the service, reduce the cost of customers, with customers hand in hand forward.

Dongguan City, Jaos hardware products Co. , Ltd. is located in the pearl river estuary east bank, Guangdong historical and cultural city of Dongguan, the specific address is Dongguan City, Guangdong, the town of South China Industrial Park, in 2010 in Dongguan Industrial and Commercial Registration, the main operating project spree is: blender hardware accessories, zinc alloy; Processing of mechanical parts; Paint equipment; electroplating processing; Casting; Integrated company; From the establishment of the company to the development and growth of these years, we always adhere to the user first, with sincere service to impress customers, to "honest and trustworthy, customer first" as the principle, and in the product aspect to "quality-oriented, excellence" as their own standard of practice, and strive to provide customers with all-round quality service, but also to make the long-term development of enterprises.

This unit is metallurgical minerals non-ferrous metal alloy industry high-quality enterprises,