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Jay Auschwitz's "Three Eight" Goddess Festival
- 2020-04-29-

Turning to February passed, ushered in the March holiday - Women's Day, in this celebration of fellow women, March's sunshine, very warm, by their own thoughts flying, silent. To celebrate the 2020 "March 8" Women's Day, to show the vast number of female workers love and work dedicated, positive and positive good spirit, around the "happy work, healthy life" concept. Jie Ausis for the entire factory female staff to buy flowers and generous red envelope benefits.

That afternoon, the men and women put down their busy work, stop the daily hasty steps together in the jie Auschwitz die-casting factory compound, male compatriots for the female compatriots to send congratulations, welfare only female compatriots, have come to receive The Sweet Aussie for everyone to prepare this warm carnation flowers and red envelope benefits, of course, male compatriots will have different benefits. Exclusive male compatriot welfare. Bread and fruit, we all have the same benefits in The Aussie.


After this "three eight" goddess festival, we have expressed this feeling of the love and warmth of Jie Ao. We all agreed to be more full of spirit and enthusiasm into the work, for the faster and better development of the company to make due contributions.