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This is how the morning meeting of Jieosi Die Casting Company was held
- 2020-05-26-

It's a new week. Every time this time comes, our Jie Aosi family will gather here. The rules of our morning meeting are:

1. The time for the morning meeting is generally 10-20 minutes.

2. Make sure that the surrounding environment does not affect the effect of the morning meeting during the meeting.

3. Announcement of important information and introduction or study of system outline.

4. Briefly summarize the work situation of yesterday, and at the same time promote the values ​​of the enterprise based on specific examples around you.

5. The normal content is not reported, only the results are discussed, concise, and the reasons are not explained, and the difficulties are not explained; if the members can coordinate and solve by themselves, they shall not be reported to the morning meeting; the morning meeting is not a discussion meeting and cannot be repeatedly entangled in something. , Anything that only involves individual people and takes a long time will be resolved after the meeting.

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