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Since the huge business opportunities in the zinc alloy die casting industry are here
- 2020-05-25-

Zinc alloy die casting is one of the more common processes in the die casting industry. Because of the excellent characteristics and wide applicability of zinc alloy die castings, there is a great demand for zinc alloy die castings in the market, especially in the household appliance manufacturing industry. It is necessary to produce millions of tons of zinc alloy die castings every year. I don't know if you know this huge business opportunity and grasp this business opportunity.

Since I am currently working in a Dongguan die-casting factory, this factory is engaged in the customization of zinc alloy die-casting parts and aluminum alloy die-casting parts, so I have a certain understanding of the zinc alloy die-casting industry. The zinc alloy die-casting industry has a process called anodizing. At present, many people have found my die-casting factory, hoping that we can help him produce zinc alloy die-casting parts that use anodizing process, but because the anodizing process has high requirements for the material of zinc alloy die-casting parts, this The yield rate of the process is very low and it is very troublesome to do. You don’t know how to choose a suitable surface treatment process to achieve the effect you want, you may wish to contact JieAusi Die Casting to help you develop a reasonable customized plan for the production of zinc alloy die castings! Anodizing of parts, but it can be used for powder spraying, baking paint, sandblasting and other processes. These processes are also very effective for zinc alloy die-casting products.