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What are the main performances of the original zinc alloy die casting machine?
- 2020-06-01-

Many manufacturers do not understand the main performance of zinc alloy die-casting production, and they are not sure whether the customer’s products are suitable for die-casting with zinc alloy. Come to Jieaosi Die-casting Factory to see this. The main function of zinc alloy die-casting machine is The mechanical function of aluminum alloy and the electroplating function are excellent. The surface roughness, strength and stretchability of zinc alloy die-casting parts are excellent. Aluminum has good fluidity and can make thin products. The relatively large defect of aluminum alloy is that the proportion is too large, the product weight and cost are relatively high, and it is suitable for producing small products.

To understand the industry of zinc alloy die-casting plants, it is necessary to understand the main performance of zinc alloy die-casting production, and also highlight the important characteristics of zinc alloy die-casting, to better help you customize higher-quality and more satisfactory die-casting products!

(1) The first key is the service life of the mold.

(2) There are many types of patterns, and the shapes are messy. Because of the large changes in size, many experimental tasks are required.

(3) Precision is a special structure of aluminum wide exhibition, branch metal flow, distribution type requires molding and precision scale, especially to ensure the precision tolerances of ultra-high precision parts, which is technically difficult.

(4) For high surface finish, scale and shape precision, zinc alloy die casting machine must use full mold processing technology, strict mold processing technology and mechanical processing to select CNC technology.

(5) The scale and shape require high precision. The special structure type is a special structure. Ensure that the mold is a mold formed by the mold. If the accuracy is not high, ensure that the aluminum alloy shell of the mold has sufficient deformation strength, no cracks, no cracks, and high use Life is guaranteed.