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Keep your eyes open! Note that these three points will not be fooled by aluminum alloy die casting manufacturers
- 2020-05-27-

If you are willing to choose a good aluminum alloy die-casting plant, you must also understand the control of these three points, so that you can make an appropriate choice. It is recommended that you choose a JieAosi die-casting plant, first of all, the price is the first, the second quality, this time is the delivery date, service items and other aspects that can make you truly feel what is called a reasonable die-casting plant.

1. Price

Many people accidentally fall into it when they respond to price temptations. It is said that good products are not necessarily good, but good products must not be good. And cooperating with Jiaosi Die Casting Factory will make you feel that the price is reasonable. With its one-stop service from stamping dies to product delivery, full-time personnel are often connected to service support, that is to say, the packaging design level is also started at every key point, and it is not easy to destroy the products due to the bad roads in the middle and late stages. , can also deliver to these for free.

2. Quality

Quality control is a very critical stage, and how to do a good job in quality supervision is indeed a headache for many manufacturers. Jieaosi Aluminum Die-casting has a sound quality control management system, and every time some quality problems that arise are held to discuss and deal with them immediately. It is ensured that the products are always inspected by technical professional QC at each stage, and strictly control each layer.

3. Delivery time

Fast delivery time can occupy the market initiative at a rapid rate. Nowadays, many aluminum-aluminum alloy die-casting plants will increase the delivery time. This will be due to the failure of the quality supervision stage to cause re-repair, and it will also be sent to some unqualified aluminum plating plants for environmental protection. Production is stopped due to processing, and there will also be factors such as delays in delivery due to the loss of immediate handling of certain problems that occurred during manufacturing. Jieaosi aluminum alloy die-casting is a one-stop manufacturer, the products do not need to be processed outside, the cost is controllable, the delivery time is fast, and the quality level is guaranteed.

Aluminum die-casting factories should understand that there is no small matter in production. The production of aluminum alloy die-casting products seems simple, but in fact, every link is interlocking. Aluminum die-casting factories want to make their products better. It only needs to be in place for each link, and what is more needed is to strengthen the quality awareness and technical level of each operator, and to conduct professional knowledge training for them from time to time to ensure the quality of die castings. Say no proof, come quicklyDongguan Jieaosi Aluminum Alloy Die Casting FactoryObserve the details, at a glance