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What Dongguan aluminum alloy die casting manufacturers must do
- 2020-06-04-

Compared with other non-ferrous metal alloys, aluminum alloy die-casting has obvious advantages: low material price, low melting point, low energy consumption, good fluidity and formability, sufficient filling, and smooth surface of the pressed casting, especially suitable for polishing, electroplating and spraying , Suitable for manufacturing high-quality die-casting products. From the general requirements of both exquisiteness and certain bearing capacity, household appliances, coffee machines, blenders, motor end caps, motor brackets, people have realized that it is necessary to obtain high-quality and high-stability aluminum alloy die-casting parts, using high-purity aluminum It is necessary, so which parts of the general aluminum alloy die casting manufacturers will do. Lets come look.

Dongguan die-casting plant has one thing that must be done well in daily production. If it is not done well, it will bring huge losses to the manufacturer. This matter is to prohibit the signal line between the die-casting machine and the mold from having joints. In daily production, it is difficult for the Dongguan Die Casting Plant to avoid water on the signal line, and the place where the connector is wrapped is easy to break, so it is easy to short-circuit with the machine tool, causing the die-casting machine to receive signals incorrectly, and even if the alarm is automatically stopped, it will delay time. In the worst case, the signal will be disordered, which will damage the mold and cause unnecessary losses. Therefore, the Dongguan Die Casting Plant must do this well, and the travel switch must also pay attention to waterproofing.

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