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Status of zinc alloy die-casting processing plants in the first half of the year
- 2020-06-03-

2020 is the year of the rat. It has been said in history that it is difficult to live in the year of the rat, which is that the year of the rat is difficult. This year's new crown pneumonia epidemic has verified this statement. However, even so, this year's zinc alloy die-casting processing market is exceptionally tragic. Let's talk about the current status of zinc alloy die-casting processing in the first half of 2020 in detail.

According to the current situation, foreign countries are still continuing large-scale outbreaks of epidemics. Many foreign countries have begun to follow our example and implement blockades and shutdowns. This has caused many zinc alloy die-casting manufacturers to resume work and not resume production. They can only resume work and stop work. The whole factory has a big holiday.

Up to now, foreign countries have only just begun to lift their quarantine, but many people abroad do not have the habit of saving money. One or two months of quarantine may make them trapped. In the next period of time, their spending power will definitely be greatly reduced. It also takes a short time for the zinc alloy die-casting processing market to return to a normal level. To sum up, zinc alloy die-casting processing was "more wolves and less meat" in the first half of the year. The intensity of competition is very fierce and will continue for a while.

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