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Eye-opened, this is the reason why aluminum alloy die castings are black
- 2020-06-02-

The company has more than 20 die-casting machines of 88T-800T, imported CNC machining center, fully automatic production equipment and a number of post-processing supporting equipment, etc., from mold development to electroplating, spraying and surface treatment are all completed by the company. Main Production of various specifications of zinc alloy and aluminum alloy precision die-casting products.

(1) The cleaning agent should not be selected properly. The selected cleaning agent is highly corrosive, causing corrosion and oxidation of die-cast aluminum.

(2) The warehouse management is not in place. If the aluminum alloy die-casting parts are stored at different heights in the warehouse, the moldy conditions are also different.

(3) The process design is unreasonable, and the aluminum alloy die-casting parts are improperly handled after cleaning or pressure inspection, which creates conditions for the mildew and blackening of the aluminum alloy die-casting parts and accelerates the generation of mildew.

(4) The internal factors of aluminum alloy, plain, aluminum is an active metal, it is very easy to oxidize and turn black or mold under certain temperature and humidity conditions, which is determined by the characteristics of aluminum itself. Many aluminum alloy die-casting manufacturers do not do any cleaning treatment after die-casting and machining processes, or simply rinse with water, which cannot be thoroughly cleaned. The surface of die-cast aluminum has residual corrosive properties such as mold release agent, cutting fluid, and saponification fluid. Substances and other stains, these stains speed up the blackening of mold spots on aluminum alloy die castings.

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