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Analysis of Dongguan zinc alloy die casting processing industry related
- 2020-06-08-

Zinc alloy die-casting parts are processed by die-casting of raw materials into samples and finished products of mold design, so the process is more complicated. We are also more rigorous in the selection of zinc alloy die castings, so it is more important to understand the material, structural shape, dimensional accuracy and die casting forming process of die castings in detail.

Zinc alloy die castings have three main contents:

1. Die-casting materials are divided into low melting point alloys and higher melting point alloys.

2. Dimensional accuracy is divided into length dimension and thickness dimension. These are all important parts of die casting. The shape of die casting and the wall thickness of die casting have this extremely close relationship with the entire process.

3. Surface quality analysis The surface roughness of die-casting parts depends on the surface roughness of the cavity of the die-casting mold forming parts

In fact,Zinc Alloy Die Casting PlantDuring the production process, the product will be inspected many times, but the number of inspections depends on the manufacturer's quality control standards. This is the case for the inspection of the JieAusz zinc alloy die casting plant. In the final inspection before shipment, it is necessary to inspect the appearance quality of each die casting, check for trachoma, color difference, dimensional deviation, poor shape matching, and poor surface treatment, because the zinc alloy die casting plant is on the surface Before the treatment, some inspections will be carried out on the die-casting parts, so the main thing is to check the quality of the surface treatment, and check whether the die-casting parts have blisters, water accumulation, color difference, pitting, deformation, gravure and other appearance defects.

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