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Stabilizing the quality of zinc alloy die-casting products starts here
- 2020-06-06-

The quality of zinc alloy die castings is generally high. It is formed by filling the die casting mold with molten metal through a die casting machine. This die casting process has the characteristics of high pressure and high speed, and the advancing speed of the molten metal in the gate can reach several At ten meters per second, this will bring about drastic changes in the airflow in the pouring channel.

These problems are all related to airflow. If you want zinc alloy die castings to avoid the above problems, you must make the gas flow in the pouring channel smooth. The overflow system of the die casting mold is used to help the gas discharge, which is very useful for improving such problems. It is helpful. The overflow system can open an exhaust port when the above problems are prone to occur, and help the molten metal to fill all positions smoothly, so the rationality of the zinc alloy die-casting mold design is right.Zinc alloy die castingThe production is very important. Only the following three production conditions can guarantee the production quality?

1. With complete mold manufacturing equipment and die-casting equipment, only with these two types of production equipment can a complete production process be realized.

2. A production team with rich die-casting experience and strong technical personnel. The strength of a die-casting plant comes from technical personnel and production team. Strong technical experience is the guarantee of the quality of die-casting parts and can solve various production problems of die-casting parts.

3. Strict management measures. Only with strict management measures can a reasonable production be realized. The management measures are like a framework that restricts the production process and improves the organization of production.